كريستين لاغارد
العضو المنتدب لصندوق النقد الدولي
الميلاد: فرنسا 1956
vtdr رفيق
أطفال: 2
  • سنوى: EGP 9.741.061,00
  • شهرى: EGP 811.755,00
  • أسبوعى: EGP 187.328,00
  • يومى: EGP 26.688,00
Independent May 2012L Annual salary $467940 plus allowance of $83760 = a total of $551700 - the IMF chief does not have to pay any tax on this income
YahooFinance July 2011: "The former finance minister of France's pay package includes an after-tax salary of $467,940 a year and an annual allowance of $83,760 for living expenses, the IMF disclosed."
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Text: IMF
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